International Grouting Committee

Paolo Gazzarrini, P. Eng., Chair

DFI's International Grouting Committee was formed following ongoing discussions and clarifications on the sometimes controversial differences in the international grouting industry. The primary initiative of the committee is to prepare general guidelines and specific documents summarizing the different international approaches and procedures existing in the industry. In addition, the committee plans to review and summarize existing documents and specifications used in the worldwide grouting industry. The committee plans to involve representatives of the entire Geo-Foundation industry including owners, engineers, contractors, manufacturers and academics, and is committed to communicate and cooperate with other existing grouting committees or groups.
Recent News
9/28/2020 Check out the schedule and plan to attend the DFI45 post-conference technical committee meetings, Nov. 9-13.
7/28/2020 Abstracts are due Friday, Oct. 30 for the DFI-ICOG 6th International Conference on Grouting and Deep Mixing, February 13-16, 2022, in New Orleans. > Learn more.
6/25/2020 Read the Technical Activities Update from the May/June 2020 of Deep Foundations, which includes a report from the International Grouting Committee.
4/11/2019 The ASTM Subcommittee on Grouting is active with a list of current standards and standards under preparation.
4/11/2019 The Grout Line posts recent news related to grouting.
4/11/2019 Click here to see the new ASCE Grouting Committee Compaction Grouting Consensus Guide.
4/11/2019 Check out the ASCE Grouting Committee's new committee webpage. More updates to be coming soon.
1/24/2019 Read the news release announcing the launch of the new International Grouting Committee and the new chair.
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