Seepage Control Working Group

Michael Kynett, P.E., Chair

DFI and Federal and State agencies established the Seepage Control Working Group as a collaborative forum to discuss industry best practices for seepage cutoff and foundation improvement for water infrastructure projects. The goals of the group are to promote mutual understanding of technologies, appropriate specification models, responsible contracting and procurement processes, and effective quality assurance/control. This owner and practitioner group is aimed at improving communication, aligning expectations, and defining common goals to generate ultimate benefits of improved safety and quality and reduced construction risk and project cost.
Recent News
3/2/2017 The SCWG welcomes its new chair, Michael Kynett, P.E.,levee safety program manager for the Engineering Division of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ (USACE) Sacramento District. Click the green arrow to read the news release.
1/31/2017 Read an update on the USACE-DFI Seepage Control Working Group Workshop in Sacramento in Nov. The group discussed technical and management issues related to the specifications for levee cutoff wall projects using trenching and soil mixing techniques.
12/20/2016 Read Mary Ellen Large's report on DFI Technical Committee's and Working Group's accomplishments from 2016 and future plans.
11/28/2016 The USSD Advocacy Committee asks for your help communicating an important message to your U.S. Senators and Members of the House on the Water Resources Development Act of 2016. Learn more >
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