Sustainability Committee

This committee comprises multinational participants who study and promote the use of sustainable foundation construction practices. Topics of focus include re-use of existing foundations, construction site waste management, carbon emissions calculation, geothermal energy foundation systems, efficient use of resources/local supplies, use of low energy materials, use of green fuels and economy and efficiency in equipment.
Recent News
1/2/2018 Read an update on ongoing and completed projects for all DFI technical committees and working groups.
7/2/2014 Version 2.3 of the EFFC/DFI Carbon Calculator has been released. It corrects an error in the US Emissions Factor Database relating to Diesel usage, and should be used for projects using US emissions factors. Click the green button to download.
4/4/2014 The EFFC-DFI Carbon Calculator has been named a finalist for the 2014 "Ground Engineering" Sustainability Award. Click the green button for more details.
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