Working Platforms Industry-Wide  Working Group

Paul Gildea, P.E., CoChair
Terence P. Holman, Ph.D., P.E., CoChair

The Working Platforms Industry-Wide Working Group is a forum gathered to improve design and construction practices that ensure safe working platforms for equipment used to install deep foundations.
Recent News
11/20/2018 DFI, ADSC and PDCA have signed a joint position statement that the responsibility of providing a safe working platform should be acknowledged by controlling entities (GCs, construction managers and owners) as an integral cost for every project. Read more.
7/30/2018 Watch the webinar,"Federation of Piling Specialists - UK Working Platform Initiative and Calculation of Rig Bearing Pressure," presented at SuperPile '18 by Derek Egan, Ph.D., of Remedy Geotechnics.
1/2/2018 Read the Chairs' report from the Jan/Feb 2018 issue of Deep Foundations.