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DFI Corporate Representatives:
Adele R. Brady Vice President, Legal & Administration +1 (877) 373-7248
Peter Bowman C.E.T. Vice President +1 (877) 373-7248

Individual Corporate Members:
James Davies P. Eng. Manager, Estimating & Proposals +1 (877) 373-7248
Michael C. Dubeau Vice President, Canadian Operations +1 (877) 373-7248
Douglas M. Heenan P.Eng. President & CEO +1 (877) 373-7248
Dmitri Ivanov Project Manager +1 (877) 373-7248

Services, Materials and/or Equipment offered:
Providing safe, successful, and cost effective geotechnical contracting for more than 25 years, ACTís focus has been multifaceted geotechnical construction projects involving ground modifications, earth retention, seepage barriers and site investigations. These projects require innovative solutions, specialized techniques, and strong safety, engineering, quality control and cost management in order to deliver best value. We have successfully completed projects throughout North America and are continually improving and developing techniques and technology based on our experiences. For over two decades, our practical experience and developed skills have made us the leading innovator in these specialized techniques and a leader in our industry. permeation grouting; compaction grouting; low mobility grouting; chemical grouting; compensation grouting; low density cellular grouting; jet grouting; rock anchors; soil anchors; micropiles; soil nails; secant piles; rock coring; sonic drilling; borehole imaging; real time monitoring; instrumented packer; IntelliGrout; IntelliSystem; IntelliPacker