45 Samworth Rd.
Clifton NJ 07012 USA
        FAX Telephone +1 (973) 773-8442 +1 (800) 526-9047

DFI Corporate Representatives:
Matthew E. Scerbak Manager +1 (973) 773-8400
Judy Pomo Asst Mgr +1 (973) 773-8400

Services, Materials and/or Equipment offered:
Suppliers of accessories for driven piles: HARD-BITE™ points, CHAMPION splicers for H-pile; cutting shoes, conical points, drive-fit splicers and backing rings for pipe; protectors and splicers for sheet pile; points, boots and uplift connectors for timber piles; APF- JET-FILTER -weep hole filtration system; custom fabrications and extrusions. Prompt delivery from multiple stocking locations.