Claydon Business Park
        FAX Telephone + 44 1473 830431

DFI Corporate Representatives:
Adrian Cooper Area Sales Mgr +44 7831709180
Richard Melton Managing Director +44 1473830431

Individual Corporate Members:
David Redhead Chairman +44 1473830431

Services, Materials and/or Equipment offered:
BSP International Foundations is over 110 years old and is respected as one of the worlds premier manufacturers of Hydraulic Piling Hammers and Rapid Impact compaction (RIC) equipment. BSP supplies high performance equipment which provides the construction industry with powerful economic benefits. The hydraulic piling hammers are available in a standard range from 1 tonnes through to 40 tonne ram weights. They are suited to operation on piling rigs, in-between leads and also crane suspended. The RIC equipment is available in 7, 9, 12 and 16 tonne modes and can mount on a range of standard hydraulic excavators with suitable stability.