138 13th Street East
North Vancouver BC V7L 0E5 CANADA
        FAX Telephone +1 (510) 839-9715 +1 (510) 839-8972

DFI Corporate Representatives:
Jack Gerwick P.E. Project Manager +1 (510) 839-8972
Ted Trenkwalder S.E. Vice President +1 (510) 839-8972

Individual Corporate Members:
Sam Christie Engineer +1 (206) 588-2735
Henrik Dahl P.E. +1 (510) 267-7149
Marnel Daway Foundation Engineer +1 (510) 839-8972
Michael Gebman Ph.D., P.E. +1 (510) 839-8972
Michael Woods P.E., S.E. +1 (510) 839-8972
Yu Zhang P.E. Foundation Engineer +1 (206) 588-2735
Gurpreet Bala P.Eng. Geotechnical Engineer +1 (778) 847-9993
Timothy Curtin P.E., P.Eng. Senior Cost Estimator +1 (510) 267-7171
Dan Yang PhD, P.E., P.Eng. Technical Lead - Foundations +1 (604) 986-1222

Services, Materials and/or Equipment offered:
COWI in North America is a leading bridge, tunnel and marine engineering consulting group built on over 80 years of international experience. We provide our clients with innovative and sustainable solutions to the most complex engineering challenges worldwide from our 12 offices across North America, with headquarters in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our innovative solutions shape the way people and commerce move; whether it be a bridge or tunnel connecting communities or marine terminals connecting the world. Services include: Bridge Design, Foundations and Rehabilitation, Earthquake Engineering, Marine and Coastal Engineering, Immersed Tube Tunnels, Construction Methods, Value Engineering, Advanced Concrete Technology, Repairs of Deteriorated Concrete Structures, Construction Support, and Failure Analysis. COWI North America joins the former engineering specialist companies Buckland & Taylor, Jenny Engineering Corporation, Ben C. Gerwick and Ocean and Coastal Consultants.