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DFI Corporate Representatives:
Mike Kelley President - Global Geotechnical Business Unit +1 (562) 531-6161
Kenneth Purinton Eastern Branch Mgr +1 (610) 268-2221

Individual Corporate Members:
Lucian Bogdan P.E. GT Chief Engineer +1 (562) 531-6161
Stephen Callies Sales Engineer +1 (770) 491-3790
Xie (Alex) Chen P. Eng., MASc Sales Engineer +1 (253) 859-9995
Bernhard Froemel Senior Project Manager +1 (630) 972-4035
Luis Gomez Sales Representative +1 (954) 532-1326
Brad Hunter Sales Representative +1 (817) 473-6161
Shahid Islam Ph.D. Senior Engineer, HQ Technical Services +1 (630) 972-4028
Aaron M. King EIT Geotechnical Sales Engineer +1 (302) 293-2377
Herman Wong Project Manager +1 (562) 531-6161

Services, Materials and/or Equipment offered:
For a wide variety of requirements of geotechnical applications, DSI offers a complete system of rock and soil anchors, dam tie downs, soil nails, tie rods and micropiles, ductile iron driven piles, and testing and handling equipment used for many of these applications. Whether it is for a permanent or temporary stabilization of slopes, retaining wall, excavation, anchor structure to resist uplift forces or for tunnel and cavern construction, DSI can provide the appropriate systems and equipment for your project's geotechnical needs.