125 Nagog Park
Acton MA 01720 USA
        FAX Telephone +1 (978) 635-0266 +1 (978) 635-0012

DFI Corporate Representatives:
W. Allen Marr P.E., Ph.D., NAE, D.GE CEO +1 (978) 635-0012

Individual Corporate Members:
Nicolas Betancur Project Manager +1 (978) 635-0012
Matt Chartier Project Manager +1 (978) 893-1259
Anand Govindasamy Project Manager +1 (978) 635-0012
Matthew Tibbutt Senior Project Manager +1 (978) 635-0012
Gary Torosian Executive Vice President +1 (978) 635-0012

Services, Materials and/or Equipment offered:
Geocomp Corporation is a global leader in geo-engineering and has developed some of the most technologically advanced products and solutions available to the geo-engineering field. Their areas of specialty include: underground engineering for excavations, tunnels, foundations, landfills, dams and other civil works; real-time web-based monitoring; and laboratory testing of soils, rocks, geosynthetics, concrete and other construction materials. Geocomp has offices in Massachusetts, New York, Georgia, Illinois, and California and provides solutions to clients worldwide.