242 S Brye Rd
Ludington MI 49431 USA
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www.hardmanconstruction.com +1 (231) 845-0422 +1 (231) 845-1236

DFI Corporate Representatives:
Todd Schrader President +1 (231) 845-1236
Martin Gamble P.E. Sec / Treasurer +1 (231) 845-1236

Individual Corporate Members:
David Declerck Project Manager +1 (231) 845-1236
Bruce A. Lowing CEO +1 (231) 845-1236

Services, Materials and/or Equipment offered:
Hardman Construction, Inc. is a full service geotechnical and foundation contractor serving the Midwest. Our specialties include augercast piles, driven piles, sheeting and shoring, soldier piles and lagging, soil nail walls, rock and earth anchors, mini piles, cofferdams, dam rehabilitation, marine structures and bridge construction.