PO Box 6277
McLean  VA 22106  USA
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  +1 (703) 442-0188 +1 (703) 442-0143

DFI Corporate Representatives:
Dominique Namy Ph.D. President +1 (703) 442-0143
Dennis Collins +1 (703) 442-0143

Individual Corporate Members:
Jim Edwards Vice President +1 (703) 442-0143

Services, Materials and/or Equipment offered:
INQUIP Associates Inc. is a small, specialized geotechnical contractor that has been incorporated since 1977. Its main activity has been the installation of soil-bentonite, soil-cement-bentonite, and cement-bentonite cutoff walls and liners. Inquip has also expanded its services to include reinforced concrete cutoff walls and innovative technology such as bio-polymer collection trenches, reactive barriers, and soil mixing.