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        FAX Telephone + 91 44 2480 7501 + 91 44 2480 7500

DFI Corporate Representatives:
Hari Krishna Yandamuri M.Tech Director +91 44 2480 7500
Deepak Raj M.Tech Director +91 2228561053

Individual Corporate Members:
Madan Kumar Annam M.Tech Technical Manager +91 44 2480 7500
Niraj Mishra Engg. Manager +91 22 4504 2261
Saday Mishra B.Sc., MBA Operations Manager +91 12 4404 0045
Sangeen Naik B. M.Tech Geotechnical Engineer +91 22 28561053
Arunkumar Sekar M.Tech Sr.Geotechnical Engineer +91 44 2480 7500
Ramadas V.V.S. M.S. Geotechnical Manager +91 4422501850
Sridhar Valluri M.Tech Geotechnical Engineer +91 2228561053
Tanwir Wahab Sayed MBA Operations Manager +91 4424807500

Services, Materials and/or Equipment offered:
Keller is a leading International Ground Engineering specialist contractor. Keller has its Group Corporate headquarters at London with Key-operating centres in U.K., Continental Europe and U.S.A., branches and associate companies spread over Middle East, South and South East Asia and Australia. Keller first developed and used the depth vibrators (Vibroflots) to compact deep deposits of loose sands, up to depths of 35m, in the 1930s. In 1957, Keller developed the Vibro Replacement process, a technique for the construction of dense stone columns, tightly interlocked with the surrounding ground. Keller has experience in executing huge volumes of piling all over the globe. To stabilize weak ground and to control ground water flows, Keller used the controlled injection of cement and chemical grouts. Keller has developed ground anchorage system to deal with ground retention problems as well as installing advanced soil nail schemes. Keller operates in India through its subsidiary, Keller Ground Engineering India Private Limited, to serve the construction industry with wide range of Geotechnical applications through Vibro Techniques, Piling techniques, Grouting technologies and Ground Anchoring solutions.