2200 Jerrold Avenue, Suite K
San Francisco CA 94124-1034  USA
        FAX Telephone +1 (415) 282-4097 +1 (415) 641-2570

DFI Corporate Representatives:
Barry Roth P.E. Principal / Engineer +1 (415) 641-2570

Services, Materials and/or Equipment offered:
Municon Consultants provides geotechnical instrumentation services to engineers and contractors in the heavy construction industry for monitoring excavations & structures appurtenant to construction projects such as highways, bridges, dams, tunnels, deep excavations & underpinning work. Equipment includes piezometers, settlement platforms, tiltmeters, beam sensors & inclinometers. Remote Reading capable via dataloggers and remotely with solar power & cell phone access. Municon is also purveyor of Remote Reading vibration monitoring services for heavy construction on the West Coast with over 60 general purpose construction monitoring seismographs and accelerometers. We provide services for blasting, pile driving, deep dynamic compaction, stones columns, pipe bursting, demolition & general construction.