August Barks Gata 13C
SE-421 32 Västra Frölunda   SWEDEN
        FAX Telephone    
www.palanalys.se + 46 31-45 99 80 + 46 31-388 99 00

DFI Corporate Representatives:
Mattias GräVare Partner +46 313889900
Thomas Bjerendal Partner +46 313889900

Services, Materials and/or Equipment offered:
Pålanalys AB is a Swedish consulting company specialized in the field of deep foundation, with emphasis on dynamic stress wave measurement. Our experience spans back to the 70’s when we were the first to perform PDA testing in Sweden. Since then we have been involved in over 3000 projects in Sweden and internationally. Pålanalys AB is representative of Pile Dynamics Inc. in Northern and Eastern Europe as well as in UK, selling the following products and services: - Pile Driving Analyzer ® - Pile Integrity Tester - Cross-Hole Analyzer - Thermal Integrity Profiler and more - SPT Analyzer - GRLWEAP, CAPWAP® - Propile ™