800 Southwest Blvd
Kansas City KS 66103 USA
        FAX Telephone    
www.pptkc.com +1 (913) 207-2460

DFI Corporate Representatives:
Randall “Hutch” Hutchison G.M. +1 (913) 207-2460
Pat Chilen +1 (913) 207-2460

Individual Corporate Members:
Stephanie Roche Office Manager +1 (913) 207-2460
Saundra Roche Accountant +1 (913) 207-2460

Services, Materials and/or Equipment offered:
PPT is a direct manufacturer of "Pile Protection Tops" or round sheet metal forms for finishing most type of deep foundation pile at or above grade. We also produce the "OS2" centralizer/football for single bar alignment within shafts in steel and plastic. They are very fast to install and economic to ship. Truly a one stop shop for TOPS, FOOTBALLS, SPACER WHEELS AUGER CORKS AND REBAR CAPS. Our central location is a natural for timely shipping to your facility or job site.