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Elwood KS 66024 USA
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DFI Corporate Representatives:
Michael Charlton President +1 (785) 856-2661
Chris Gillibrand Director +1 (785) 856-2661

Individual Corporate Members:
Beth Neff Marketing +1 (785) 856-2661

Services, Materials and/or Equipment offered:
PRO-DIG manufacture a broad range of hydraulic drive heads, drive tools and the Intelli-Tork Monitoring System which has revolutionized the helical screw pile installation process. The Intelli-Tork is the only wireless device that displays and records actual torque and angle of installation, depth, shaft speed and GPS positioning. PRO-DIG offer drive heads in a wide range of Single-Speed, Two-Speed and the Variable Speed drive heads offer significant improvements in installation times. PRO-DIG has unique state-of-the-art torque test facility. The facility allows us to endurance test our drive heads up to 180,000 Ft-Lbs of torque and calibrate the Intelli-Tork system.