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DFI Corporate Representatives:
Mark W. Williams Director of Sales & Business Development +1 (973) 244-5995
Dion B. Gray President / COO North America +1 (888) 284-8752

Individual Corporate Members:
J.C. Gonzalez Sales Manager, East +1 (973) 244-5995
Fernanda Osborne Sales Engineer +1 (888) 284-8752
Tom Pavlovic Director of Sales +1 (888) 264-8752
Stephen Scott E.I.T. Sales Engineer +1 (973) 244-5995
Jaime Silva Lead engineer +1 (973) 405-1210

Services, Materials and/or Equipment offered:
SAS Stresssteel supply threaded bars and hollow bars in reinforcing and prestressing qualities for building construction and civil engineering, bridge and road construction as well as tunneling and mining. Our high tensile strength bars are produced in a state-of-the-art facility on a site considered to be the oldest continuously operating steel mill in existence. Our hollow core bar diameter range is available in sizes from 1.3 inches to 4.25 inches. SAS threaded bar systems are available in a diameter range between 5/8th inch and 3.5 inches in Grades 75, 97 and 150 ksi. SAS Products are used worldwide for all geotechnical applications, including rock and soil anchors, soil nails, micropiles, tierods, rock bolts, threaded bar P.T. Systems, reinforcing bar systems/mechanical splices, multi-bar caissons and form tie bars.