713 E. Walnut Street
Garland TX 75040-6607 USA
        FAX Telephone +1 (972) 272-9194 +1 (972) 272-6461

DFI Corporate Representatives:
Steven M. Hain Jr. Vice President +1 (972) 272-6461
Steven M. Hain Sr. President +1 (800) 527-1315

Services, Materials and/or Equipment offered:
Design, engineer, manufacture, lease, rent, and sell Large Diameter Crane Mounted Drill Attachments, Pile Top Drills, and Shaft Drills. Manufacturer of all types of conventional tooling - Augers, Drill Buckets, Core Barrels, Belling Tools, Hole Flatteners, Cleanout Buckets, Casing Twister/Spinners, and specialized drag tooling. Design & Manufacture Kelly Bars, Reverse/Direct Circulation (RC/DC) Drill Strings, Circulation Core Barrels, Core Breaker/Retrievers, Drill Pipe, Drop Chisels, Flat Bottom RC/DC Rolling Cutter Rock Bits, and Circulation Swivels. Stocking OEM of all types of replacement wearpoints.