370 Old Country Road
Garden City NY 11530 
        FAX Telephone    
  +1 (516) 747-1933 +1 (516) 747-5096

DFI Corporate Representatives:
Anthony M. Depasquale P.E. +1 (516) 747-5096

Services, Materials and/or Equipment offered:
Specializing in the fields of geotechnical, heavy, foundation, and marine construction engineering; including steel, timber and concrete structures, walls, all types of foundations, soils, grouting, all types of piles, caissons, temporary and permanent excavation support, cofferdams, grouted or helical tiebacks, earth and rock anchors, tunnels, underpinning, bridges, sub-aqueous pipelines, coastal structures, seawalls, bulkheads, revetments, docks, marinas, piers, mooring & berthing facilities.