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Sterling VA 20166 USA
        FAX Telephone +1 (703) 742-3319 +1 (703) 742-0020

DFI Corporate Representatives:
Matthew J. Niermann P.E. VP of Research and Development +1 (703) 742-0020
Harry W. Schnabel P.E. VP of Business Development +1 (703) 742-0020

Services, Materials and/or Equipment offered:
Schnabel Foundation Company is a nationwide design/build contractor specializing in earth retention systems, underpinning, cutoff walls, jet grouting, landslide stabilization, deep soil mixing, and micropile foundations. Founded in 1959, Schnabel was a pioneer in the development of earth tiebacks and soil nails in the United States from their original use for temporary support to their routine use on permanent projects. Schnabelís unique blend of family pride, technological innovation, field experience and engineering excellence consistently enables us to provide our clients with economical solutions and quality work.