Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 28th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2003, Miami Beach, FL "Deep Foundations in Compressible Soil and Soft Rock", (DFI)

Suwanne American Cement Plant, Branford, Florida: A Case Study of Large Diameter Continuous Flight Auger Design Build Foundations
Gordon King, Ian Kinnear PE

This paper presents a case study of large diameter continuous flight auger (CFA) piles and drilled shafts utilized for foundation support of a series of heavily loaded cement plant structures at the Suwannee American Cement (SAC) Plant in Branford, Florida. The high loads and exacting total and differential settlement criteria when combined with a highly variable subsurface geology provided a challenging design scenario. Fully instrumental static pile load tests were performed to determine design parameters in variable weathered limestone bedrock. Ultimate side friction values ranged from 2 to 8 tsf within the limestone, resulting in the requirement for CFA piles up to one meter (approximately 40 inches) in diameter and socket lengths of up to 40 feet. At several localized areas, the limestone bedrock was in excess of 60 feet below grade, requiring the use of cased drilled shafts to depths on the border of 80 to 90 feet. An integral part of the production pile installation was the used of instrumentation to monitor drilling and concreting parameters. Calibration of drill rates, torque and auger rotation with rock quality was performed to allow monitoring of the soil stratigraphy at each pile location. When combined with the results of the instrumented load testing, the monitoring of drilling parameters allowed confirmation that sufficient socket length was achieved within the quality of rock present at each and every pile location.

 article #1198; publication #66 (AM-2003)