Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 28th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2003, Miami Beach, FL "Deep Foundations in Compressible Soil and Soft Rock", (DFI)

Design and Construction Aspects of a Deep Basement in Dublin
Philip J. Daynes, K. Pat McCann

As part of the regeneration of the centre of Dublin, a multi-functional development is being constructed on the site of the historic Smithfield Fruit Market. The site is being developed in three phases, and includes one of the deepest basements (10m) constructed in Ireland to date. Until the recent improved economic climate, there has been little requirement for deep basements in Dublin, and this is the first to be constructed entirely within fluvio-glacial gravels and boulders. The difficult ground conditions led to the adoption of a diaphragm wall solution to ensure a watertight construction. Tie-back anchorages are utilized in the temporary case, and the wall is propped by floor slabs in the permanent case. Where required by high bedrock levels, the diaphragm wall is dowelled into limestone bedrock to ensure toe stability. The recorded lateral movement of the wall is significantly below that calculated by numerical analysis. Temporary bentonite cut-off walls were installed to divide the site into discrete sections. The basement was constructed as a tanked structure, and is subject to uplift water pressure. Passive tension minipiles provides an innovative alternative to the standard stressed anchorage solution. This paper describes:-design and construction aspects of the diaphragm wall, tie-back anchorages, and anti-flotation minipiles, together with recorded lateral wall movements.

 article #1204; publication #66 (AM-2003)