Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 28th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2003, Miami Beach, FL "Deep Foundations in Compressible Soil and Soft Rock", (DFI)

Friction Piles in Boston Blue Clay, Suffolk County House of Corrections, Massachusetts
Harry K. Weatherbee, Cetin Soydemir, Richard E. Bushnell

The paper presents a design case study for a four-story correction facility addition in south Boston, Massachusetts, supported on friction piles driven into the Boston Blue Clay. 356 mm (14-in.) square prestressed-precast (PSPC) concrete piles were selected as they were found more effective and economical. A static load test was performed where the pile was brought to “failure”. The load test data were evaluated to estimate the Ultimate Pile Capacity as well as the Ultimate Unit Skin Friction (Adhesion) to serve as a design tool for friction pile projects in the south Boston Area.

 article #1221; publication #66 (AM-2003)