Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 29th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2004, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada "Emerging Technologies", (DFI)

Design and Construction of a Micropile Wall to Stabilize a Railway Embankment
Jim Bruce PEng, Nadir Ansari PEng, Matthew Janes, Peng

This paper presents details of a slope stabilization scheme build in late 2003 at 16m-high railway embankment in southern Ontario, Canada. The owner, faced with continuing maintenance and safety issues arising from numerous nuisance slides, and residential neighbors in close proximity to the slope, sought new proposals to replace a previous recommendation to cut down all trees and undertake a deep soil nailing scheme. A non-reticulated micropile array with surface cap beam was proposed and built on the south side of the embankment with no tree removal required. A detailed FLAC analysis was completed, using multiple iterations to arrive at the eventual optimized micropile depth and spacing. Analysis predicted an 18% increase in the factor of safety. Short term inclinometer monitoring and performance evaluations in the months since construction so far corroborate the prediction.

 article #1265; publication #68 (AM-2004)