Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 29th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2004, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada "Emerging Technologies", (DFI)

Laterally Loaded Piles in Jointed Soft Rock Masses
B. Francis MSc student, J. Kodikara, C. Haberfield

Literature provides only limited information regarding the behavior of laterally loaded piles socketed into weak rock masses. A laboratory program, compromising a number of tests of scaled models of the pile/rock mass system has been conducted. A synthetic rock, known as Johnstone was used to simulate a naturally weathered and fractured siltstone. The load-deflection behavior of the test piles was measured, and strain gauges were fixed to the model piles to assess the bending moments. The laboratory results were compared with the results from several theoretical models, some of which are in the form of commercial software packages. This study highlights the inadequacy of existing methods to adequately model the influence of rock joint orientation in geotechnical design. Additionally, numerical modeling of the pile-rock mass system was carried out using the discrete element program UDEC. The importance in modeling the system using discontinuum mechanics is highlighted, particularly to capture the anisotropy of the rock mass.

 article #1274; publication #68 (AM-2004)