Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 17th Annual Members' Conference, 1992, New Orleans, LA, (DFI)

Cement-Bentonite Slurry Cut-Off Wall - Maxent Lagoon Levee Rehabilitation
E.J. Cardoza, J. Lorenz, and D. Thurmon

The paper describes the design, construction and quality control aspects of the installation of a cement-bentonite (CB) cut off wall to impede seepage through a flood control dike. Special emphasis is placed upon the development of a proper specification, distinguishing the CB method from the Soil-Bentonite technique. The importance of the pre-construction laboratory testing program and field quality control procedures is emphasized by the fact that the in-place properties and characteristics of the CB cut off may not be known until after a majority of the work is complete. Sections are included which describe the construction method, the specialty equipment and personnel requirements and the quality control/quality assurance aspects of the project.

 article #143; publication #22 (AM-1992)