Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 17th Annual Members' Conference, 1992, New Orleans, LA, (DFI)

Pile Installation Overcomes Numerous Problems at Rocket Component Manufacturing Facility
J.H. Gould

This paper describes the following at the new Advanced Solid Rocket Motor (ASRM) nozzle manufacturing facility, which is being constructed inside an existing manufacturing facility: 1) generalized subsurface conditions, 2) pile load test program and evaluation, 3) pile selection, 4) problems associated with pile driving operations, and 5) production pile installation. The poor subsurface conditions, known and unknown underground obstructions, and work environment inside the existing building, used to manufacture the Space Shuttle external fuel tanks, required special pile installation equipment, procedures, and work schedules to install the economical pile foundation system ahead of schedule and without a lost time accident.

 article #144; publication #22 (AM-1992)