Publication Abstract

DFI Journal: Vol III: 2 Issues (No. 1 May 2009 and No. 2 Nov 2009), (DFI)

Characterization of Loess for Deep Foundations (Vol. 3 No. 2)
Robert L. Parsons; Rebecca M. Johnson; Dan A. Brown; S. Dapp; James J. Brennan

This paper describes the results of a detailed analysis of a loess deposit at the deep foundations test site established by the Kansas Department of Transportation. Multiple CPT, SPT, and pressuremeter tests were conducted as part of the investigation. This paper includes an evaluation of the effectiveness of common correlations used with the CPT, SPT when used for classification of loess and estimating its properties. Results show that common correlations must be used with caution as significant errors in estimation may result from using methods developed for other soil types. Laboratory testing included direct shear, triaxial, collapse, and consolidation testing, with many of the tests conducted on both vertically and horizontally oriented samples to evaluate anisotropic behavior. The results showed that strength properties could be considered to be isotropic.

 article #1696; publication #1002 (DFIJ-III)