Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2012, Houston, TX, USA, (DFI)

Numerical Analysis of Mono and Group Suction Piles under Lateral Loadings in Layered Deposits
Juhyung Lee, Ilhan Chang, Kiseok Kwak, Ernest Nsabimana, Young-Hoon Jung

Numerical analyses were performed to analyze the behavior of two different type of suction piles (mono type and group type) under various soil layer conditions (uniform silty clay layer, uniform silty sand layer, and two-layer deposit consisting of clay and sand layers) and lateral loading locations (top, middle, and bottom of the suction pile). According to the results, mono suction pile shows maximum resistance when load is applied on its middle, regardless of the soil layer conditions, while group suction piles varies significantly according to the allowance on head rotation. When head rotation is allowed, the behavior of group type piles become similar to the behavior of mono suction pile. Whereas, when rotation is prevented, resistance is maximized when load is applied on the top head. Moreover, group suction piles show higher efficiency regardless of the ground condition and geological stratum. For further advances, concrete block on the top of group suction piles are suggested as an effective alternative method to prevent partial rotation and maximize ground resistance for group suction piles.

 article #1850; publication #99 (AM-2012)