Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2012, Houston, TX, USA, (DFI)

Measured and Modeled Settlements of Power Plant on Piled Raft Foundations
Gianni O. Chieruzzi, Douglas S. Roy, Alireza Ayoubian

A 400 MW, gas-fed power plant on floating piles and piled raft foundations was constructed in the Province of Moskovskaya, Russia in 2008. The subsurface is characterized by fill underlain by loose to medium dense alluvial deposits, with peat and clay interbeds, a stiff to hard, highly plastic, silty clay stratum of glacial origin, and a stratum of very dense, varved interbeds of sand and silt. More than 800, drilled concrete piles were constructed at the site. The pile length ranged from 15 to 23 meters below existing surface grade, and the pile diameter ranged from 0.9 to 1 meter. Initial analyses by others predicted total power plant settlements of 3 to 4 cm when subjected to the permanent loading conditions. Under a peer review process for the equipment supplier, subsurface investigation and testing were performed to verify the consolidation parameters used for foundation design of the power plant foundation. The parameters obtained in this investigation were used in the 3-D finite-element model ELPLA as inputs for the settlement analysis of the turbine building and power island. The ELPA analyses predicted settlements on the order of 7 cm over a period of 30 years. The actual settlements after two years of monitoring were compared against the model predictions. The rate of settlement and the recompression index were both underestimated in our model. The measured settlements have enabled us to calibrate both of these model parameters so that the model better matches the data.

 article #1868; publication #99 (AM-2012)