Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2012, Houston, TX, USA, (DFI)

New CIGMAT Downhole Penetrometer (DHP-CIGMAT) For Use during Drilled Shaft Construction
C. Vipulanandan, Omer F. Usluogullari

It is critical to monitor the ground conditions during excavation and drilling of boreholes during construction to identify possible changes in the soil and rock formations. Drilled shafts are increasingly used as foundations to support structures, bridges and other facilities in geomaterials such as soft-rocks and hard clays. Locating the bottom of the borehole during construction with the required design strength is critical. Hence developing a simple device that could be easily adapted/used with the drilling tool was of interest in this study. Determining the shear strength of the geomaterial in the borehole and at various elevations including the bottom of the borehole can lead to better quality control of construction by identifying the various layers based on strength. In this study, a down-hole penetrometer (DHP-CIGMAT) was designed, built, calibrated and tested in the field to determine its effectiveness in measuring the strength of soil/soft rock in the boreholes. Based on limited field tests, linear correlations between geomaterial strengths and DHP-CIGMAT deflection have been developed. The DHP-CIGMAT can be used to identify soils and soft rocks.

 article #1873; publication #99 (AM-2012)