Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 39th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2014, Atlanta, GA, USA, (DFI)

Metro Sao Paulo, Line 5, Five Shaft Diaphragm Wall for Brooklin Station
Franz-Werner Gerressen, BAUER Maschinen GmbH, Dario Libano, Brasfond Group

Diaphragm walls are known as underground structural elements commonly used for retention systems and permanent foundation walls or elements. Of course they can also be used as deep groundwater barriers. This paper will focus on the construction work in an urban area like Sao Paulo. The Line 5 of Metro Sao Paulo is one of four network expansion projects undertaken at the same time. The projects will cover various areas of the city. The Line 5 on São Paulo’s south-side will be extended 7.1mi (11.5km) to serve 770,000 riders per day, stretching a total of 12.4mi (19.9km) along 17 stations. The extension line will facilitate access to the city’s central section and the commercial and hospital districts located along the line. The Brooklin Station, subject of this paper, had to be carried out in a special five shaft shape design, shaft diameter 131ft (40m) each, without using ground anchors. A focus will be taken on the special requirements of the installation of the arrows as well as on the specialties of installation for the shaft shaped layout. Therefore, it was required to install a 3.3ft (1,000mm) diaphragm wall using a specific layout especially in the connecting sections of the shafts, the so called arrows, to provide a bearing area for the struts. Maximum wall depth was about 121ft (37m); the total volume was about 20,060 cubic yard (15,337m³). The paper will describe the construction method and the sequence of activities required for the construction of this diaphragm wall using a combination of hydraulic grab and trench cutter system.

 article #2003; publication #1011 (AM-2014)