Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 39th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2014, Atlanta, GA, USA, (DFI)

An Alternative Pile Technology
Rimas Veitas, Ductile Pile Group, LLC, James Panton, Helical Drilling, Inc., Erich Steinlechner, Tiroler Rohne GmbH

Ductile Iron Piles (DIPs) are a proven, viable alternative to conventional piles, and for the past five years have been successfully used throughout New England. The installation process of DIPs lends itself to both large and small projects. Because of their installation efficiency they provide a substantial cost savings over drilled micro piles. Several New England projects (both end bearing and friction) will be evaluated, focusing on the installation and design procedures.

 article #2011; publication #1011 (AM-2014)