Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 39th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2014, Atlanta, GA, USA, (DFI)

Aseismic and Anti-Tsunami Upgrades of Existing Coastal Levees and Seawalls in High Risk Regions
Takefumi Takuma and Shigeru Kambe, Giken America Corporation, Hiroyuki Nishimura, Giken Ltd.

Japanís Great Tohoku Earthquake and the immediately following tsunami of March 11, 2011 killed more than fifteen thousand people and destroyed numerous buildings and infrastructures in the northeastern part of the country. In addition to reconstruction projects in the areas where the earthquake and tsunami hit, other seismically vulnerable regions in the country have started building new and more robust facilities as well as upgrading existing coastal structures so they will be able to cope with such deadly seismic and hydraulic force. This paper will highlight two different types of aseismic and anti-tsunami levee upgrades currently under construction on the coast of Kochi Prefecture, approximately 500 miles west of Tokyo. The first type is the installation of double sheet pile walls in existing seawalls. The second type is to drive tubular piles into existing levee structures for reinforcing them. Both sheet and tubular piles are being driven by the Press-in Piling Method without removing or compromising the function of the existing structures.

 article #2012; publication #1011 (AM-2014)