Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the Deep Mixing 2015 Conference, (DFI)

Evergreen Line Rapid Transit Project: Analysis and Design of Deep Soil Mix Panels to Mitigate Seismic Lateral Spreading
Brian E. Hall, Tetra Tech EBA, Canada; A. Azizian, Tetra Tech EBA, Canada; E. Naesgaard, Naesgaard-Amini Geoetechnical, Canada; A. Amini, Naesgaard-Amini Geotechnical, Canada; J. I. Baez, Advanced Geosolutions, United States; M. L. Preece, SNC-Lavalin, Canada

A 2 km section of the Evergreen Line Rapid Transit Project is supported on improved ground consisting of cement deep soil mix (CDSM) panels because of highly variable and challenging soil conditions, especially the potential for seismic liquefaction-induced lateral spreading. CDSM was used as an alternative approach in place of driven piles for reducing the seismic lateral spreading displacements. An additional significant aspect of obtaining owner acceptance for CDSM was demonstrating that both seismic and non-seismic performance would equal or exceed that of using driven piles. It was recognized that, to demonstrate adherence to the seismic performance requirements, seismic design should be based on dynamic analyses (using FLAC) to estimate likely displacements and stresses/strains in the CDSM panels. One focus of the analyses was investigating the potential for cracking of the CDSM panels and the resulting displacements. This was simulated using the Ubiquitous-Joint and UBCSAND constitutive models.

 article #2029; publication #1013 (DM-2015)