Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the Deep Mixing 2015 Conference, (DFI)

Application of Deep Soil Mixing Walls in the Warren Avenue Grade Separation Project, Fremont, CA
D. S. Yang, JAFEC USA Inc., United States; A. P. Notaro, Biggs Cardosa Associates Inc., United States; Y. D. Wang, Parikh Consultants Inc., United States; G. Watanabe, JAFEC USA Inc., United States

Deep soil mixing (DSM) walls reinforced with steel soldier piles were installed for excavation support and groundwater control for the construction of a grade separation structure at the intersection of Warren Avenue and the Union Pacific Railroad in Fremont, California to mitigate traffic conditions during the busy commute hours and for the extension of San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system. Instead of treating the DSM wall as a temporary structure, the reinforced DSM walls were integrated in the design of the permanent structures including retaining walls, and the abutments and pier of the railroad and BART bridges. The integration of steel members inside the DSM wall as part of the permanent structures is an innovation which facilitates the use of top down construction techniques to speed construction and utilizes the steel soldier piles that would have been disregarded after the use as a temporary shoring wall. This paper will review the background of the project and DSM method and present the design and construction of the DSM wall composite structure for this grade separation project.

 article #2038; publication #1013 (DM-2015)