Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the Deep Mixing 2015 Conference, (DFI)

Detecting Cement Mixing Pile with Cone Penetration Test in the Reserved Hole
Guo-wei Li, Hohai University, China; Xiang Li, Hohai University, China; Jing-ping Ming, Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute, China; Bakarr Sidi K., Hohai University, Sierra Leone; Jian-tao Wu, Hohai University, China

The Cement Mixing Pile (CMP) quality assurance assessment is an important programme in evaluating the efficiency of foundation improvement. Coring is the current specified method of quality assessment in China which has the shortcomings of long cycle, high cost and low efficiency. The field and laboratory test show that the regular cone penetration test can only detect maximum of 4m of effective detection depth in CMP. In contrast, the method of cone penetration test in the reserved hole can detect the quality continuously along the pile at any depth. The tip resistance of reserved hole penetration in the 7th day has good linear relationship with unconfined compressive strength in the 28th day. The slope of linear relationship decreases with the increasing of clay particles content.

 article #2077; publication #1013 (DM-2015)