Publication Abstract

Proceedings of DFI of India 2015 Conference, Bengaluru, India, (DFI)

Retaining Structure for Berth at Krishnapatnam
P.V. Chandramohan

The paper deals with the arrangement of structural members for a retaining structure used as a berth in the port of Krishnapatnam. The height of retention is 24.3m. A T-shaped diaphragm wall acts as the retaining surface. A relieving platform has been provided at the top to ease lateral earth pressure on the wall. The diaphragm wall is tied back to a combination of vertical and raker pile. Later, this arrangement was altered to replace the relieving platform with just lowering of ground level below the berth. The tie back was changed to a classical A-frame anchorage. At certain reaches, installation of piles pointing towards the rear was obstructed by a conveyor structure. The anchorage was then changed to include a vertical pile and a pile that points towards the front of the berth. Change in position of inclined pile alters the force in the pile from compression to tension.

 article #2185; publication #1015 (India2015)