Publication Abstract

Proceedings of DFI of India 2015 Conference, Bengaluru, India, (DFI)

Non Conventional Hybrid Shoring Solutions for a Challenging Excavation Project Adjacent to a Subway – 21 Avenue Road, Toronto
Thomas Fiala, P.Eng., Graeme Smart, P.Eng.

Yorkville Plaza II, a 40-storey signature condominium residence, is scheduled to open on Avenue Road in Toronto’s prestigious Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood in spring 2017. In close proximity to Toronto’s subway system, the new tower requires six levels of underground parking, founded in wet, silty sand. Isherwood Geostructural Engineers (Isherwood) was retained in April 2012 by developer Camrost-Felcorp to provide a shoring and excavation solution to address the challenging site conditions. A 31-storey upscale residential building under renovation with three levels of parking, owned by Camrost-Felcorp, flanks the site on the north. Situated on the eastern border is a 7-storey building with three levels of parking. Avenue Road, a four-lane arterial road that brings heavy commuter traffic into downtown Toronto, runs along the western border, and on the southern border of the site is a busy City road that brings traffic into the popular Yorkville area. The tunnel for the Toronto Transit Commission’s (TTC) overburdened east-west subway is located 14.5 m to the south, running below an existing 26-storey neighbouring building. Electrical and communication utilities (Bell) are closely located along the southern side. Non-documented existing excavation shoring, installed in the early 1970s, on the southern and western sides compounded the difficulties presented by the TTC tunnel. This paper presents the unique, non-conventional hybrid shoring solutions Isherwood developed to address the challenges presented by the site, as well as other complications that surfaced during the project: non-encroachment requirements (no tiebacks) beneath uncooperative neighbours, tight geometry to install shoring, and Toronto’s two coldest winters in decades.

 article #2187; publication #1015 (India2015)