Publication Abstract

Proceedings of DFI of India 2015 Conference, Bengaluru, India, (DFI)

Numerical and Theoretical Analysis of Consolidation of Soft Clay Installed with PVD at Nagapattinam - A Case Study
Subrmanian, KeerthiRaaj, Kasinathan, Muthukkumaran

A railway embankment is under construction between Nagapattinam to Thiruthuraipoondi covering 36.5 km. The sub-soil strata comprises of soft clay extending up to 10 m below existing ground level, which is subjected to stability and settlement problems. A trial stretch covering about 5 kilometer was improved using Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVD) with surcharge was recommended to accelerate the consolidation settlement. The geotechnical characteristics of the subsoil are examined through laboratory tests on representative soil samples. Recent improvement in the finite element analysis has facilitated modeling of PVD in finite element software for computing the settlement magnitude and time rate of consolidation. In this study the theoretically predicted settlement magnitude and time rate of consolidation from Terzaghi.s vertical consolidation, Barron's radial consolidation are compared with the analyzed FEM results for both the cases with and without PVD improved embankment. The comparative analysis between FEM and predicted data hold good for stresses and the associated deformations. The excess pore water pressure was significantly lower and their dissipation was faster in case of embankment with vertical drains. Thus PLAXIS 2D tool shows fairly convincing results in comparison to the theoretical solutions.

 article #2193; publication #1015 (India2015)