Publication Abstract

Proceedings from the Michael W. O'Neill ACIP Pile Sessions of the 83rd Annual TRB Meeting 2004: Recent Experiences & Advancements in the US and Abroad on the use of Auger Cast-in-Place Piles, (DFI)

Augured Cast-In-Place and Driven Pre-stressed Concrete Pile Field Performance Comparison
Rudolph P. Frizzi, P.E., Ramakumar V. Vedula, P.E.

A pedestrian bridge over SR A1A in Hollywood, Florida required foundation design following Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) guidelines. Augered cast-in-place (ACIP) piles ranging from 14 to 24-inch (355 to 610 mm) diameter had been successfully installed and load tested as much as 800 tons (7100 kN) in compression in the bridge foundation vicinity. The ACIP pile data was compiled and presented to FDOT for their consideration in lieu of drilled shaft or pre-stressed concrete (PSC) pile deep foundations which FDOT typically requires for “critical” bridge structures. The ACIP pile data indicated higher individual pile capacities could be attained along with more uniform lengths, when compared to PSC piles. This translated to potential coast and time savings should the ACIP pile alternative be used. Although ACIP piles ultimately were not utilized for the bridge foundations due to FDOT guideline requirements, this project yielded valuable information for use in comparing time and cost savings of an ACIP pile foundation alternative as compared to the driven PSC pile for a transportation related project.

 article #229; publication #71 (MWO-2004)