Publication Abstract

Proceedings from the Michael W. O'Neill ACIP Pile Sessions of the 83rd Annual TRB Meeting 2004: Recent Experiences & Advancements in the US and Abroad on the use of Auger Cast-in-Place Piles, (DFI)

Automated Inspection Control of Augercast Piles
George Piscsalko, Garland Likins

Augured cast-in-place (ACIP) piles have become increasingly popular. However, the quality of this pile is highly dependent upon the installation process. The Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) ACIP Manual gives guidance for proper installation and inspection. During the installation of ACIP piles, this manual stresses that incremental grout volume pumped versus depth is the single most important parameter for proper installation control. Unfortunately, traditional quality control is accomplished by visual observation and manual documentation methods. In practice, this results in inaccurate determination or documentation of the incremental grout volume, often with only a single total volume measurement for the entire pile with no detail of grout distribution as a function of depth. The use of automated monitoring equipment to electronically measure and record this incremental grout volume versus depth with high precision has become quite common during the installation of ACIP piles. This paper compares installation with traditional inspection methods to improved practice for following the DFI manual guidelines. Example cases demonstrate some problems encountered during ACIP installation with traditional methods, and the benefits and proper use of automated monitoring equipment during the installation of ACIP piles.

 article #230; publication #71 (MWO-2004)