Publication Abstract

Proceedings from the Michael W. O'Neill ACIP Pile Sessions of the 83rd Annual TRB Meeting 2004: Recent Experiences & Advancements in the US and Abroad on the use of Auger Cast-in-Place Piles, (DFI)

Economy, Benefits and Limitations of NDT for Augured-Cast-In-Place-Piles
Frank Rausche, Brent Robinson, Garland Likins

Since the early 1970s, more and more test methods have been devised and employed as a check on the geotechnical and structural quality of deep foundation elements. Several of these methods are useful for augered cast-in-place (ACIP) piles. These foundation elements are long and slender, and therefore or particular interest as far as structural integrity. During the last decade electronic logging of the installation process has become an important additional quality assurance tool. This paper presents a description of several tests, which have frequently been employed for construction monitoring and post-construction testing for bearing capacity and structural integrity. An estimate of their relative costs is also included, an effort that can at best lead to orders of magnitude cost rather than exact numbers, first because the testing firms charge differently and second because additional cost incurred by the contractor or owner are even more difficult to assess. The paper also includes a proposal fro an installation and testing procedure that considers the possibility of occasionally discovering a defective pile and suggest the quickest and most economical corrective action.

 article #232; publication #71 (MWO-2004)