Publication Abstract

Proceedings from the Michael W. O'Neill ACIP Pile Sessions of the 83rd Annual TRB Meeting 2004: Recent Experiences & Advancements in the US and Abroad on the use of Auger Cast-in-Place Piles, (DFI)

Monitoring of Drilling Resistance for Augered Cast-In-Place Piles
Tracy Brettmann, P.E.

Drilling resistance for Augered Cast-in-Place (ACIP) piles is a new concept developed as a result of the increased use of automated monitoring equipment on the drill rigs. In the past this equipment has mainly focused on recording the volume of grout pumped as the auger is withdrawn from the drilled hole. The equipment has always had the capability to monitor key aspects of the drilling of the pile also. The data collected from the drilling of the pile was typically not used because it was not presented in a format that would be of any use. Drilling resistance versus depth can be developed to both quantify and compare the subsurface stratigraphy along the length of a pile and between different piles. In applicable subsurface conditions, this can provide a readily apparent and quantifiable means to infer where bearing materials were encountered or where harder zones where drilled.

 article #235; publication #71 (MWO-2004)