Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the International Conference on Deep Foundations, Seepage Control and Remediation (41st Annual), 2016, New York, NY-Seepage Control & Remediation Track, (DFI)

Remedial Drilling and Grouting at Abiquiu Dam, NM and Fluid Losses in the Embankment, a Case History
Amy F. Ebnet, Suzanne R. Hess-Brittelle, Tyler J. Quick, Sharon L. Schulz

Abiquiu Dam is a rolled earth fill dam with impermeable core located on the Rio Chama in New Mexico. Abiquiu has had a history of excessive seepage through the fractured sandstone abutments since water was first impounded in 1963. The foundation was treat

 article #2539; publication #1024 (AM-2016-SC)