Publication Abstract

Proceedings - 13th International Workshop on Micropiles - 2017, Vancouver, BC, Canada, (ISM, DFI, ADSC)

Anthony C. Barila, P.E. and John R. McKinnon

This paper will focus solely on the core piles and the results of the pile load tests. Also, the results of these tests along with others that hub has performed over the past five years has led us to recommend that the industry revisit the design of high capacity rock socketed micropiles. The main points of emphasis for future discussions will be the following: - reevaluate strain compatibility within a confined section such that higher allowable stresses in high strength steel can be utilized; - utilize a higher allowable stress in grout; - evaluate the load distribution at and below the casing tip to develop an alternative approach to determine the rock socket length that is now solely based on friction and 100% of the design load; and 2 - evaluate the steel design within the rock socket using the load distribution data from these tests.

 article #2639; publication #1033 (ISM- 2017)