Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2017, New Orleans, LA, USA, (DFI)

Evaluation of Crane Pad Performance on Partially Improved Ground Adjacent to a Seawall
Yazen A. Khasawneh and Paul J. Sabatini

A Demag CC1800 crawler crane was partially erected on crane mats adjacent to a seawall when settlements near a corner of the crane mat area were observed to be slightly larger than previously assessed. A ground improvement program including installation of dry soil cement mix (DSM) piers was implemented to improve soil bearing capacity. Due to near-surface obstructions, only 75 percent of the DSM piers were installed to the design depth. Because of the partial installation of the DSM piers, an evaluation of the crane pad stability and the effect of the crane loading on the stability of an adjacent 10-ft high concrete seawall, which was believed to have limited (if any) reserve capacity, was required. A two-dimensional finite element model was developed to evaluate the responses of the partially improved ground and the sea wall to the loads imposed by the crane. Geotechnical site investigation and laboratory testing programs were performed to better define the subsurface conditions near the area where settlements occurred and to provide the required mechanical parameters for the soil constitutive model. Analysis results indicate that total and differential settlements of the crane pad and the increase in load on the seawall were tolerable provided limited excavation and replacement of weak dredged soils outside the DSM area would be implemented.

 article #2789; publication #1037 (AM-2017)