Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2017, New Orleans, LA, USA, (DFI)

RD Pile Wall - A Water Tight Retaining Wall Structure
Antti J. Perala and Teemu J. Yli-Kovero

Efficient use of land is constantly requiring more underground construction. Minimized execution time and disturbance to surroundings and nearby structures are essential benefits for all construction techniques. To meet the demands of a modern construction project, suppliers have to be able to provide high-quality and tailor-made products just on time. RD pile wall is a retaining wall based on drilled steel pipe piles which are connected to each other with special interlocking profiles. RD pile wall is a solution which enables penetration of overburden soil, dense fill layers including stones and boulders, and embedding into the bedrock in one single operation. Several test installations and laboratory tests have been made to develop the system and to test and improve the water tightness of the wall. Beside these tests, RD pile wall has also proven its reliability in almost 70 projects. Largest project so far has been Pasila Tripla project in Helsinki, Finland. A permanent retaining wall with surface area of 18,000 m (193,750 ft), excavation depth of 21 m (68 ft) and over 17 m (56 ft) of water pressure was made with 711 mm (28") and 406.4 mm (16") pile sizes. Piles were delivered to site in one piece with lengths up to 33.5 m (110 ft).

 article #2807; publication #1037 (AM-2017)