Publication Abstract

International Workshop on Micropiles 1997, Seattle, WA, (DFI)

Materials used in Micropiles in Japan
Masataka Tatsuta, Yukitake Shioi, Makoto Kimura, Akiomi Shimazu, Ei Yoshida, Kimitoshi Takano

Lateral loading model tests are carried out on steel pipe pile group. Each model is composed of four steel pipes (diameter 216.3 mm, thickness 4.5 mm) with the different length of filled concrete at the both ends of the steel pipes. From the experimental results, it is found that the horizontal load increases until the buckling occurs at the all ends of steel pipes and that, with more than the concrete filled length of 1D (D: diameter of pipe), the ductility of the steel pipe pile group after the occurrence of inelastic buckling is extremely improved.

 article #292; publication #30 (IWM-1997)